can we help?

Need to build something with titanium but not sure how it will perform under various loads and conditions? No problem! We can load test your build before you use it so you know it’s safe.

Not only that…

We can do your destructive testing too. So we can test your product until it’s breaking point - not only bearing capacity. This way you don’t run the risk of wasting time and money from unexpected failures of titanium products and systems.

Our team of engineers perform a range of load testing, including compression, tension, shear and torsional loading. Our load testing scope is fully NATA accredited, and we offer in-house and on-site mechanical testing (ISO/IEC 17205) and visual inspections (ISO/IEC 17020) in compliance with ISO 17205 standards and repair services.

We also don’t even have to fabricate your product before running our tests. Our engineers can run simulated testing saving you the cost of the build. If you would like to learn more about our simulation services available, please see our CAD Design and Simulation Testing information section.

Example use cases:

      • Aeronautical and Aerospace parts
      • Lightweight military components
      • Carabiners
      • 3D printed titanium
      • Bikes
      • Marine and boating components
      • Custom machined or fabricated parts
      • Lightweight car parts
      • High end equipment (i.e. titanium phone or watch cases)