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At Titanium Suppliers Australia, we offer an extensive range of fabrication services covering all needs in titanium. We specialise in taking on your simple to complex components, products or inventions you want to fabricate, and developing a competitive, timely and high quality solution.

With over 20 years of fabrication experience, you can be confident that no matter how difficult the fabrication may seem, we can find a solution every time.

Our fabrication scope includes, but is not limited to:

      • Laser Cutting / Waterjet Cutting / Plasma Cutting
      • CNC Machining
        • Turning / Drilling / Milling
        • Surface Machining
        • Tapping and Threading
      • Folding and Bending
      • Welding
        • Including Post Welding Heat Treatment (PWHT) for titanium
      • Quality Control
      • Shop Drawings
      • Scrap Procurement

If you would like to start from somewhere more theoretical before producing physical titanium parts, feel free to contact our team to discuss the possibility of computer modelling, design, and testing, or visit our CAD Design and Simulation Testing section for more information.