Our Story

TSA is proudly owned by
Silver Raven Pty Ltd

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Silver Raven is an industry-leading team of experts with extensive experience delivering a range of specialist industrial services for clients around Australia and overseas. Since 1998, government agencies, local councils and private industrial clients have benefited from Silver Raven’s proven technology, team, and quality assured systems to improve safety and consistently deliver quality results.

Our experienced team designs, fabricates and operates specialty tooling and state of the art equipment primarily to perform high pressure and ultra-high pressure hydro demolition.  Our robotic devices and equipment can accommodate a variety of hazardous and non-hazardous applications and working environments, to ensure efficient project completion.

Silver Raven also extends to many areas of the industry, from bulk earthworks and foundation works to concrete remediation and civil construction. We are specialists in demolition, construction of retention systems, stormwater drainage, retaining walls, roadworks, pavement construction and landscaping.

Titanium Suppliers Australia is a branch of Silver Raven dedicated to bringing affordable titanium products and specialist services to the Australian & New Zealand market.

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